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I always thought that I kept archives 

digital video, sound, 06:48 


A video reflecting on archive keeping and gathering material without ever throwing anything away. My father's organised collecting and archive-keeping is juxtaposed to my own hoarding tendencies, in both physical and digital space.

Thinking about all the things that I just keep carrying with me, without ever referring back to them, in unopened boxes and dusting hard-drives.

video stills of subtitled version

I always thought that I kept archives.

But I've just been gathering, assembling, stacking, occasionally gleaning.

I never throw away anything.

Stuffing pamphlets and junk in plastic bags. One bag per trip.
Rarely referring back to them.

I did grow up amongst proper archives though.

Arranged per country. Alphabetically. Per genre.

My father is a collector.
I tried to pick it up but it always ended in stacking.

My whole childhood is organized in archives.
There's less printed photos and more pamphlets in 2015's album.

My hoarding tendencies are not limited to physical space.
Pictures sounds awfully generic.

I've changed 6 houses so far.
After every moving, at least one box remains unopened Unmissed.

Random, Junk and Untitled folders buried in hard-drives and usb sticks.

Special thanks to: Daniel Burkhard, Matthias Müller, Nikos Vratsanos, Arnisa Zeqo.

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