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I looked down and saw no body


Digital video, manipulated found footage


A video revolving around a bodiless character who has come unstuck in time. Through different relocations, the bodiless eye reflects on being scattered, the notion of non-linear, queer/girl time, non-human, deep time, non-cinematic perspectives and materiality.

The distorted footage from 360° cameras poses the question of non-immersion, using a technology that is meant to make one “really be in space”, to keep the viewer at distance. Through this “natural” distortion, the camera deletes its own body, showing a palpitating, almost breathing glitch, as it makes the landscapes, cityscapes and its very own body soft in its path.


I am interested in exploring the uncanny potential of digital immersive technologies and poor images, as well as the landscapes, architectures and materials they depict.

Special thanks to: Lilian Haberer, Ute Hörner, Maxine Kopsa, Lucy Skaer.

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