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From Female Character To Ghost: Tropes & Tales

performative reading sessions

Series of reading sessions examining TV, film and literature tropes, wherein major female characters are killed off and then return as hallucinations/ghosts in the male protagonist's mind.

As participants, we were assuming the point of
view of  the other, of these female ghosts through discussions and experimental writing exercises.
As they are reduced from characters to plot devices, they become, in a sense, abject and can therefore be used as a disguise.
The meetings were shaped gradually as collective reading sessions, film evenings and workshops, depending on the context, borrowing elements from Dead Girl shows and feminist perspectives on ghost stories, reflecting on issues such as the male heteronormative gaze, personas and identification, haunting in digital media and literature, perceptions of spaces and memories, etc.

ASFA BBQ, Athens, 2018

Velvet Evenings, Chorostasion, 2019

Promotional poster for session at Rietveld Pavillion, 2019

in front of the work of Doreen Van Miel, Decolonial Futures, Hotel Maria Capel, Hoorn, 2019

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