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Memory Interiors,
memory drawings,
permanent marker on transparent plastic sheet,

120x180cm, 2017

This series of drawings are done from memory. I am using permanent marker directly on the plastic sheet surface, so as to record the process of remembering (as in the digital drawings of the video above). "Mistakes" cannot be erased, merely drawn over. Traces of the different version of how I remember furniture and structures are apparent.

Memory Floor Plans,
digital video (MS paint memory drawings and house building in Sims 3), 5’40’’, 2017

A video consisting of recordings of my computer screen, as I am designing from memory, on MS Paint, the floor plans of the 5 flats I've lived in with my family.
In between the drawings, there's shots of house building from the Sims 3 -- a game I used to play a lot throughout my teens, when the movings/ relocations took place.

Recording the process of remembering, I see that I often make small mistakes, forgetting and correcting, ending up with a version, that is anything but accurate. The houses change, they get more and more suburban, having a garden or a second floor.

Memory Floor Plans,
Embroidery on cotton fabric



Memory Studio Floor Plan,

embroidery on blanket, Fugue Lounge group show, Neverneverland, Amsterdam, 2018

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